Pizza Pointer

The Fastest way to find Pizza Places around you!

Amdavad BRTS

Companion App for Janmarg BRTS commuters

"New to Ahmedabad or already using the BRTS, install this App"
- Nirmal,

Paper Snow

Create Paper Snowflakes on your phone.
Fold. Cut. Open. Share!

"Simple, fun app but oddly addictive."
- George Ponder,

Forward Contact

Send contact details via Mail as VCard (.vcf file), Message, or create QR Code & save

"Easy way to share contact info."
- George Ponder,


A simple and clean Gesture based Calculator

"Handy calculator app for your Windows Phone,
zip through your calculations."
- George Ponder,

Time Sync

Easiest way to stay informed about time in
different Cities, Countries, and Time Zones


An app that helps you find interesting places around you
with Augmented Reality

Simply Compass

One feature, but the best at it

Url Shortener

Shorten long URLs or Expand shortened URLs
easily with this utility

Roman Numerals

Inter-convert between Roman and Hindu/Arabic numbers.

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