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What other App developers has to say about PerfecTile

"I purchased PerfecTile and got my icons setup for W8 and WP8 in a matter of minutes. Thanks a bunch for such a awesome tool"

"Just bought and used this. GREAT tool, thanks so much, now I can go back to focusing on the app code ;)"

"Awesome job! These tools will definitely save time and help many devs."

"This is a good idea; thanks for taking the time to create it. $10 is well worth the time and hassle this utility should save me."

"This App has been GREAT! ... the time it has and would have taken me to make the logo sizes has made this Tool priceless. ... it has been so helpful in my development process. Great job!"

"Thank you so much for this release this is exactly what I needed"

"After purchasing and using it I saw how cool it can be when you spend on tile creation just a seconds instead of working on it about hour or even more"

Why PerfecTile?

There are four images (Icons, Splash screen) that are mandatory for a Windows Store App which are easy to create, but if you need Wide Tiles, Badge Icons and App Images that scale to better fit devices with different resolutions, you will need as many as 33 Images of different sizes.

Similarly, there are three different type of Tile Templates for Windows Phone 8 that have different sizes and margin requirements.

PerfecTile can help you create all Tiles, Images required for you Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps.

How does it work?

Choose an Image as Icon data and PerfecTile will create Tiles, SplashScreen, LockScreen, Store and other Images required for your App. It takes care of the Images size, Icon alignment, Background Color as well as File naming.

Start with SVG, PNG, or XAML

You can use PNG images with transparency or vector Icon of type SVG, XAML and easily create Tiles, Images with PerfecTile. There great resources like Modern UI Icons, The Noun Project where you can find Vector Icon for your App or use your favourite Image Editor to create one. Vector Images are recommended for pixel perfect output images.

Tweak The Tiles

PerfecTile creates Tiles, Images with the default Size & Margin, Background settings, but you can alter the look of any Tile, Image. Change the Size & Margin of Icon by using preset profiles or a custom Margin. Set Background Color for Tile, Image from the Accents and Colors list or a custom Color hex code. Even change the Icon Data for any image and use different Icon Data for each Tile, Image. Change it, Tweak it, untill it's Perfect.

Check Preview

PerfecTile shows a quick preview of the Tiles, Images you're working on and helps you set the best options for them. But, you can take it a step further and have a Large preview of how they will look in the wild. Get an Instant preview of Tiles on Start Screen, Store Icons in Store App, App Icon on Lock Screen, etc. with PerfecTile.

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